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Gluten free madness

While Gluten sensitivity, intolerance and Celiac are real issues with serious health risks, what gluten free mania has turned into is bizarre. Food companies have realised that it is an exponential growth market with projected figures of $43.65 billion worldwide by the year 2027. No wonder they want to jump on the bandwagon. The Problem …

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Of sanitisers & soaps – what we are not being told.

Since the current Pandemic surfaced and became a global menace, we have been inundated with the messages to use hand sanitisers. And as dutiful citizens, we have followed that advice. Distilleries, bottling plants and all kinds of industrial establishments also pivoted towards manufacturing sanitisers en masse. Don’t get me wrong, it was somewhat sound advice. …

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Fad diets

Fad diets seem to work initially because people tend to eat better than what they were eating before. But over time the results plateau and since no fad diet takes into account Body rhythms, Food combinations or ensures a well rounded supply of nutrients, they stop working. Focus on Natural Principles and holistic nutrition rather …

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