Busting fitness myths

You don’t need to make huge changes at once to get fit. That is how amateurs think. That is how I used to think when I began my fitness journey back in college. It was about hitting the Gym for 2 hours straight or nothing at all. It took huge motivation and will power to show up at the Gym consistently and massive guilt trip on the days I failed to show up. Since it was a huge chunk of time taken out from a busy day, what with pre and post workout planning, meal prep and recovery time, it became impossible to do it 5-6 days a week. Hence it was easy to fall off the wagon, which I did pretty often. As you know, when we lose momentum, it is pretty hard to get back up and going again.

Over time I discovered that small steps taken consistently will take you much further in your Fitness journey. It takes less time and is much easier to do shorter workouts more consistently. And that does yield better results. This is how pros think. In fact, movement (as opposed to exercising) should be built into our routine every day. If you don’t have time or the inclination to work out, you can always just move – walk, take the stairs, jump, stretch, sit down and get up from your chair a few times. Tiny little movements done consistently will give quantum results in your fitness.

To Your Peak Health

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