“Every human being on the planet deserves to live in Peak health and well being. What you can accomplish in that state is unimaginable”. 
– Warun Mehta

Aparna Bajaj
 I have learned so much from Warun on my journey from sickness to wellness and have been able to transform my health and body for good. His dedication is inspiring and he equips one with enough tools to be able to have not just good food habits but a mindful lifestyle. Wishing him all the success. 
Anshul Kapoor
 I'm a personal finance coach and for a long time, I knew that if I want to take my Coaching to the next level, I needed to fix the ground reality - that is my health & vitality. Thankfully, I met Warun. His in-depth knowledge and processes have helped me look and feel much younger, added a lot more energy and clarity to my life and taken care of my health issues for good, all in just 6 months. 
Balemarthy Vamsi
 Working with Warun, I learned what healthy eating and living actually is. He is a Master at what he does. Each session of his opened my eyes to a whole new world where I could see myself optimising my life and reverse my biological age. The best part of his mentoring are the insights he provided, tailored specifically to me as well as the live workouts. I recommend REGAIN to everyone who wants to Re-gain their youth, their health, their vitality. 
Anuj Kainth
 ‘Incredible’ is the word that comes to mind to describe being a part of REGAIN and to work with Warun closely. I can see and feel a huge difference in my health, body and overall wellbeing and carry a totally new perspective of how we should be looking after ourselves. Joining Warun’s program was one of the best decisions of my life. 
Sandhya Katyal
 From severe acidity and high hair fall to no acidity and tremendously reduced hair fall. I am feeling fit and healthy 
Vishal Manocha
 Warun is the man I look up to for guidance on up-levelling my (and my family's) health, vitality and sculpting the body of my dreams.