“Every human being on the planet deserves to live in Peak health and well being. What you can accomplish in that state is unimaginable”. 
– Warun Mehta

Sunil Kadam
 I am extremely happy to share my experience. On the occasion of completing & achieving my 31st December 2017’s *Goal /Target*.? On 31st December, I shed almost 9 kgs as decided & My current Weight is 90.5 kg*. In the beginning, i.e.on 11th Sept 2017 my weight was 99.1 kgs & when I decided n set my target goal to reduce my weight to 90 kgs from 99 kgs by 31st December 2017, Initially, I was clueless & unaware, how to achieve it? Some friends gave me basic direction n some gave me their experienced tips. And I started my journey... But Thereafter I came across to *Diet Guru Warun....* Who delivered his *exclusive online live Webinar with Vaishali* & I was lucky enough to attend it n which changed me forever. I am extremely blessed that Warun spotted me & called me personally & guided me and made the difference to my diet, *He introduced & explained me in detail the concept & importance of Acidic & Alkaline body state. He removed all my lifetime myths which really brought me the results what I achieved*..! Now I am very confident with Warun’s guidance I set my next Goal as follows... - 84 kgs by 31st March 2018.., - 78 Kgs by 30th June 2018.. - 75 Kgs by 15th August 2018... *Thank You So Much Warun Bro* You made the difference in me and changed my life.? I am sure many more like me will get benefitted by your exclusive guidance. *Warun Mehta is an Authority who makes the difference with ease*..!!?? 
Rahul Dwivedi
 "Hi Friends!! This is my interesting experience with Warun. I met and consulted with Warun in October last year. Before that both me and my wife had been suffering from congestion problems and had to take Montek LC nearly on a daily basis. In fact I had been taking it for nearly 8 years and my wife for 4 years. It was Warun who told us about the harmful effects of having Montek LC on a regular basis and guided us how to get off it without letting our respiratory situation worsen in absence of it. I am glad to say that today it's been nearly 8 months for my wife and 6 months for me and we have completely stopped taking Montek LC without any problems. Thanks a lot Warun ?? Request all members to provide your extensive support for his program. Regards, Rahul" 
Vamshi Allam
 I had this amazing experience of attending one of Warun's webinar. I should say, not only a lot of myths were busted, but also a clear and easy way of leading a healthy life just by changing the diet in this modern world was explained in detailed. What I liked the most in Warun is that he has a very deep knowledge of what he is advocating, he himself is a healthy living personified being. He also helped me come out of my acute throat infection with a simple but detailed diet plan. He has mastered the art of use food as medicine. Usually, I use to go through the painful antibiotics course to become normal. Thanks to Warun's detailed diet plan I was able to get back to normalcy in 3 days. Thank you soo much Warun. Really blessed to have you in my life. Wishing you great success in fulfilling your vision of making this world a healthy place. 
Sreenivas Bhaskara
 I would like to take the opportunity to Thank you from the bottom of my heart ? for being a good Guide for me in food and Bringing Alkalanity to the body, which has completely changed my body actions and giving me the flexibility to do whatever I want, now my Sleep Quota reduced from 8 Hrs to less than 5 HRs 
Pratik Vachhani
 I was dealing with tons of issues related to my digestion and even though my diet was very healthy I was far from perfect health! I was confused, frustrated and sad. Warun has understood the problem that no other doctor did. He has been working with me for 2 months. All I can say is I have newfound health and incredibly improved digestion. I am so much more close to the health I have aspired in the last 3 years. I am happy, focused and moving with high velocity towards my goals. And all of this is thanks to the Awesome Warun Mehta! 
Monica Josan
 Warun I want to Thank you for your guidance about the science of eating and sharing about how important it is understood that not only what we are eating which matters but equally important how we are eating. Your webinar on different food combinations, information on dairy products and reasoning to all the queries have helped not only me but many in the Health and Happiness group. Many of us are achieving our health and wellness targets as per knowledge shared by you. Thanks for your Sharing and wish many more will get benefited by your research and experience