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About Warun Mehta

“Passionate and Certified Peak health, nutrition and fitness Coach and Trainer who has worked with thousands of people across the world transforming their health, fitness and indeed, their lives. Warun invites you to meet these people in his next workshop as he marches on with his mission to transform millions of lives.”


As far back as my memory goes, I remember waking up in a Hospital bed, blood all around me, getting a whole bunch of vaccinations and needles for IV fluids stuck in me. I was just 4. A life-threatening combination of jaundice and malaria had landed me in the Hospital. I was already a sick child with severe gut issues from the second year of my life. Heavy medication for treatment saved my life but forever affected my liver, eyesight and the digestive system. Then I got another near-death combo of Meningitis and Typhoid when I was 7. I recall lying on a block of ice as my body fought a fever of 108 degrees Fahrenheit (almost 10 degrees higher than healthy and normal body temperature). Doctors had lost all hope, I could see it in their faces. What brought me back then was my Mother’s prayers and love. I saw it as she prayed day and night and tended for me just like a Mother can. I got loads of antibiotics, penicillin and heavy medication pumped into my body. Body doesn’t forget and there are consequences to what we put inside our bodies. To this day, I battle with it from time to time. If not for all the learning and changes I have made over the years, for sure, I would have been a terminally ill patient lying in some Hospital. That is, If I would have been alive at all.
I guess due to these painful childhood memories, I developed a deep passion for Health, Well-being and Fitness in my subconscious. I knew it deep in my heart that I have to consciously take control of this aspect of my life or it will take control of me. Since my early 20s, I was experimenting with every Health and Diet fad out there. I would read Health and Fitness magazines and books and try out everything in there. I was their ultimate guinea pig. I went through low fat, no fat, high carb, low carb, Vegan, Atkins, Paleo, Keto, 5:2…….you name it diet. Every diet worked for a short term but in the long run they were just not sustainable or even Healthy. And I did not feel radiant, energetic, strong, healthy and vibrant which was the goal. I also became an ardent student of Bio-hacking and tried out umpteen hacks.
In my late 20s, I was living a charmed life of a DJ (Disc Jockey). Although it was a lot of fun, I was living an upside down life. And we know what happens when we go against Nature for extended periods of time. Add to that, poor food and beverage (if you know what I mean ;)) choices during that period of my life. That, coupled with my history of poor gut health and excessive medication, led to heaps of health problems. I was pre-diabetic, constipated, suffered from IBS, constant bloating, skin pigmentation, Candida as well as poor mental health. I am not saying you can’t have occasional late nights or party up, just not live against Nature all the time. There are consequences. As Buddha said “Master the Law. This is the teaching of the awakened one”. And Nature is that Law.
I was in deep trouble then. No form of treatment was helping – conventional Allopathy, Homoeopathy, Ayurvedic. I was confronted with 2 choices – accept my conditions for lifetime and take some stupid medication for years to come and eventually rot in a Hospital becoming a burden on my family before dying an unnatural death OR I could not give up and fight. I went into my Warrior mode and scoured the world for answers. I traveled to many countries seeking out all kinds of Healers and Masters and the secrets I learned Transformed my Health, my Body and my Life.
I learned to let go of my own hypnosis and found that Nature indeed has the answer to all our ailments. It was life changing and empowering for me to discover that my Health is in my own hands and that to heal, bounce back and look and feel amazing is not that hard. Over time, I created a system and applied it on myself. I got better, fitter, stronger, younger. You can too. This System has worked for me, my family and thousands of people that I have worked with over the last 10 years. I invite you to join me in one of my upcoming workshops and experience the transformation yourself.

My Mission

Most people, in their pursuit of making money and providing for their families, lose out on their Health. I love to help people heal, look younger and fitter and enjoy peak health and wellbeing all the time so that they can enjoy their lives fully.

My Vision

A world where everyone is constantly elevating their own health and well being as well as Planetary health and well being.

How Can I Help?


Reverse Ageing

Most of humanity is not truly living out their age and experiencing what their body is capable of at any age. We have bought into a collective perception of what one should look and feel like at any given point in their life. Chat with us to find out about your body’s tremendous capacity to regenerate, renew and rewind.


Weight Loss

Just to be clear, it is not weight loss, but fat loss that we seek. Weight loss has become a misnomer in common parlance. It is really complicated to be overweight or obese and simple to be lean and agile. We show you how. We empower you with the knowledge, tools and accountability to ease into your journey to becoming your best Self and to fall in love with yourself all over again. 


Healing Naturally

How did we heal thousands of years ago? Since our DNA has remained the same, so has our healing capacity through natural means. Modern medicine should only be relied upon in crisis situations – that was its intent and purpose. For everything else, Nature has robust and time-tested solutions without any side effects. Drop us a line to know more. 


Look & Feel Awesome

Everyone deserves to look and feel awesome. Happiness is a byproduct of that. Human being is the peak of Nature’s creation and is designed for aesthetics and function. We want you to look and feel the best you can from the inside out. Find out how. 



There is no time better than now to begin your fitness journey. Exercise rejuvenates us at a cellular level, gets the blood circulation going, detoxes the body and reduces risk of chronic ailments, Furthermore, it boosts our mood and confidence, increases vitality and makes our skin glow. But not all workouts are created equal. Let us help you demystify and get the best results by making it easy and fun for you.


Body Wisdom

Our body is part of the Cosmic body and is intertwined with Nature. Just like understanding Nature and living in harmony with it is key to planetary health, so is understanding our amazing Body and harnessing its endless wisdom is the key to lasting health and happiness. 

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