Turn up your bullshit meter

Today I want to talk about turning up your Bullshit meter when it comes to the topic of Immunity on mainstream and Social media.
This is such a huge topic nowadays and I am stepping in cause I just can’t watch the many spins on it for quick profiteering or Social Media likes. Everyone’s claiming to help you boost your immunity. Heck, I just saw advertisements for immunity boosting mattress, immunity milk and immunity boosting processed foods. Wow! I have to set the record straight.
Pandemic or post-pandemic world, let me tell you straight up, immunity cannot be boosted overnight. There is not a product in the world that can help you do that. Body does that itself – for free ๐Ÿ˜Š Isn’t that awesome? Our job is to just provide the right conditions. Now, what are those conditions?
1. Right input – best input or food for us is what Nature has provided to us in it’s original form i.e. fruits, vegetables, greens, nuts, seeds, roots and tubers, healthy fats, whole grains (granted this one is not exactly in its original form). Everything else should be secondary input.
2. Plenty of Rest – all repairing happens during sleep. Body builds immunity cells during sleep. So do not compromise on that. 8 hours of sleep every night in the dark is a given. Add some sensory deactivation during the day as well if you feel stressed or overworked.
3. Movement – don’t be static. You’re not a vegetable. Remember Newton’s first law, law of inertia – ‘an object at rest will stay at rest unless acted upon by an external force’. And an object with a greater mass has more inertia ๐Ÿ˜€ In our case, the force is not external but internal. Keep moving every few hours. And yes, schedule 20-30 minutes for workout too. If you’re doing physically demanding household chores, you’re good.
4. Deep breathing or breath work – this helps create space, expands your lung capacity and helps the body get maximum oxygen for optimum functioning of all its organs.
5. Energising through Sun – soak in the sun for 10 minutes every day early morning or late evening. Just ensure your body doesn’t get heated up.
You take care of these 5 things, the body takes care of the immunity. Our body is a Bio-computer far more intelligent and capable than we can imagine. It can do it’s job perfectly well. It just needs us to get out of the way,
There are some herbal remedies as well as Gut Health hacks that can help bolster immunity naturally provided the above are in order. Everything else – special yogic movements, powders, “magic potions” that we hear about – is after you’ve taken care of the basics. They cannot replace the 5 things I have described earlier.
I have written extensively about this in my article last month. It’s on my Facebook page titled “My Life Priorities for these unprecedented times”. Do check it out.
Folks, I want you to turn up your bullshit meter and watch out for those quick fixes and rackets out there.
Stay Safe, stay Fit, stay Amazing
To your Peak Health

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