True Wealth

For the longest time, I associated Wealth with Finances. That is what my conditioning was and like most people, I accepted it to be the Truth. That is until my late 20s when I experienced frustration, helplessness and despondency due to my poor health and associated pain and suffering. During my long recovery and healing process, it dawned on me that what we spend most of our life energy on chasing is but one part of True Wealth. Over time, I came up with this True Wealth Pyramid which rang true for me.

Health and Wellness is truly the foundation on which everything in our life rests. Neglecting this aspect means living a life of poverty, no matter how fat our bank balance is. For what is anything else worth without Health? Life, in my opinion, is about Celebration, not deprivation, and our quality of life remains compromised as long as we don’t have Peak Health. Having said that, it is not a goal unto itself. It is a vehicle to fulfilling Relationships and a thriving Career. It gives us the ability to enjoy the fruit of our labour and spend our hard earned money where we want to.

We all have an inner child within and Peak health lets us give expression to that child and have Fun and Play. A healthy body is also the gateway to our Higher self where we can experience divine connection, raise our vibrations and cultivate deep intuition and Faith. Finally, as human beings, nothing gives us more joy and satisfaction than our continuous personal and professional Growth and being of Service to our fellow beings.

None of the above is possible to its fullest extent without the foundation of optimum Health and a feeling of wellness within. I keep this pyramid with me always to keep my priorities straight. I suggest you do the same.

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