Should we drink water with our meals?

Should we drink water with our meals?

Ask the experts and you will get differing opinions. Google it and you will find more of the same. That is why Google is not a reliable source of actionable and right knowledge.

Let science settle this once and for all.

Our stomach makes acid to help with the digestive process. Stomach acid has an ideal pH of around 1.9 which is higher than that of battery acid. If it touched our skin, it could burn us. It has to be this way for us to have that digestive fire and to break down all that food.

What happens when we drink water with our meals? Water has a pH of 7 or greater. When a liquid with a pH of 7 or greater gets mixed in with stomach acid with a pH of around 1.9, it doesn’t take a genius to know that there will be dilution of that stomach acid and its pH level taking away its power to chop chop or break down the food we have just eaten, hence affecting our digestion.

If we continue doing this, over time our digestive fire gets dimmer and dimmer leading to poor digestion.

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