How to Deliver a Gripping Keynote Speech

I love to speak on stage and inspire people to take action. And I have discovered that one of the greatest challenges is not overcoming your stage fright and nerves but really being present for your audience. The magic indeed is in the moment.

And the best part is you can craft those precious moments. Through prepping, setting the right intentions and managing your energy.

A keynote speaker is like a headline Musical act of the night – someone who sets the tone and the agenda of the event. Just like a headline musician is a master of their craft, a keynote speaker has to be a master of their domain. Winging it doesn’t cut it here. You will be analysed, dissected and questioned and you’ve got to be ready for that.

The best way to get good at speaking from the stage is to get out there and practice.
Here are some dos and don’ts to become a gripping Speaker.

โŒ Don’t make it all about yourself
โŒ Don’t get stuck in your material and trying to remember what you have memorised
โŒ Don’t be monotonic and predictable when you speak and bore people to death
โŒ Don’t get too technical
โŒ Don’t try too hard and seek your audience’s approval

These rookie mistakes will ensure you lose the audience within the first 5 minutes. Instead –

โœ… Learn about your audience beforehand and structure your content around them
โœ… Engage your audience by asking questions, smiling and making eye contact
โœ… Maintain high energy levels – your audience will feed off your energy
โœ… Have clarity on the takeaways you want for your audience
โœ… Be more expressive. That shows more emotion and as human beings, we connect to that.

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