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I wrote an article last year on True Wealth. In that, I argued how Health is indeed our True Wealth and came up with a pyramid around it. You can check it out on my Facebook page or on my Blog here – Never has it rang truer than in the current scenario.

Today countries around the world are mulling issuing Health / Immunity Passports, a new standard document, to their citizens. In the current scenario, this document will certify that someone is immune to COVID-19 by performing an antibody test and a virus test. The antibody test will check whether the person has had a previous encounter with the virus and their immune system responded accordingly by producing antibodies. The virus test will check if there’s any active infection going on, with the virus still present in the person. The person will get an immunity pass if the antibody test is positive (competent immune response) and a negative virus test (no longer carrying the virus).

Once issued, this document could be a requirement to allow the holder to go back to work (so that the work environment is safe for everyone involved) and even travel. Given that the person is proven immune to the disease, they cannot get infected again and won’t pose a public health risk. Hence it could become a requirement by companies or even airlines. Remember, this is in the works and not yet approved or implemented by any government. Many lacunas need to be ironed out first, primary one being that there are people who have got the infection second time around as well.

This could potentially be the first step. It could be that we all might have Health Passports in the future that will also have details of our medical history, long term medical conditions as well as risk factors to future health, almost all the factors that life insurers look at. We might even look at other parameters that will indicate our immunity levels.

That begs the question – is our Health the new currency? If it is or even if it is not, this pandemic definitely has made us realise the importance of our own and our Planet’s health – after all they are interlinked. As a Nutritionist and a Peak Health Coach, my mission is to help transform the Health and Well-being of as many people as I can. Do reach out and let me know how I can help you.

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Warun Mehta

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