Cleaning fresh produce

There seems to be a lot of confusion out there as to how fruits and vegetables should be cleaned in the current scenario.
I recently saw a Doctor’s video doing the rounds on Social media demonstrating how we should be washing all fresh produce in soapy water to disinfect it before we consume it. My humble request, please don’t.
Look, I have the ultimate respect for Doctors and they do wonderful work, as we are clearly witnessing nowadays – putting themselves on the line, saving so many lives. Much Respect 🙏 But when it comes to Nutrition, that is not their field. It’s just not taught to them.
By all means, disinfect all packages that processed foods come in (although you should be limiting their intake) and discard all bags that we get fresh produce in. Although I am a big advocate for re-use, this is not the time for it.
Please Please Please don’t disinfect fresh produce i.e. fruits and veggies. They supply top nutrition which is super instrumental to build immunity and fight viruses and many diseases. When we use soaps and sanitisers on them, they absorb the disinfectants and you don’t want to consume that. Don’t use salt either as some Whatsapp forwards are advocating.
Washing fresh produce in clean, running water is sufficient. Water is a universal solvent and it cleans away all surface dirt and particles, which is what you want in this case. You can peel the fruits and vegetables with the peel although be mindful a lot of nutrients sit there.
As always – stay Safe, stay Fit, stay Amazing
To your Peak Health

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