Children and food marketing


Kids today ere being exposed to adverse Food Marketing and poor Nutritional choices everywhere. From their favourite Television channels to online, from Hotels and Restaurants (as reflected in Kids menu everywhere) to our homes, we stuff them with their favourite comfort (junk) foods. Cause that’s what they demand and most of the time refuse to eat anything else. Instead of real food, what ends up going inside their tiny bodies is copious amounts of processed foods, preservatives, chemicals, hormones, antibiotics, dyes, food additives and GMOs. We have to stop this madness. As it is, a lot of them are inheriting poor genes because of the bad lifestyle choices parents have made prior to their conception.

Food is the construction material for their growing bodies and unwise choices here effects their bone development, immunity, gut health and even cognitive development. Couple that with lack of activity and harsh medication (when they are unwell) and you have a recipe for their poor health for life. It is a very sad fact but for the first time in history, we are looking at a generation of kids who will suffer from more chronic ailments and live out shorter lives than their parents.

It is time to teach kids about Nutrition and how to make smarter choices. But first, we need to learn that ourselves and demonstrate that in our lives by being the example. Remember, taste is nothing but memory and we can plant better food memories. Upgrade yourself and learn to make healthier versions of your kids’ favourite foods. Stay tuned for these kind of recipes. Will be sharing them soon. Also, eliminate unhealthy options at home by stocking only wholesome and nourishing foods. And finally, limit their screen time (be it the TV or the internet). Less exposed they are to toxic commercials, the better you can look after their nutrition. Fast foods can be a treat once in a while.

In Peak Health,
Warun Mehta

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