5 Tips for Reverse Ageing

What is ageing? It is the damage that occurs to and in the body over time. Our daily choices and lifestyle can accelerate or slow down and here’s the kicker …..also, reverse that process. Here are 5 non diet and exercise related tips that I have personally experienced magic with.

  1. First things first – Aim high. Most people have heard and seen average life spans and believe in them so much that they shut down their own innate wisdom. Perhaps we were meant to live much longer but don’t believe in it because we don’t see it very often. Aim for a minimum of a 100 and not not a haggard, worn out 100. When I ask my Clients how long they would like to live, most of them give a number around 70 as they associate longevity with illness, frailty and dependency. But what if you could live to a healthy, active, fruitful 100 and beyond. Wouldn’t that be glorious?
  2. Purpose and Passion – align your passion and purpose in life and do what you love. There will always be tasks that need to be done. But a charmed life is the one that is spent 70% of our precious time doing what we love and 30% or less in doing what we have to. Figure out a way – delegate, reduce, outsource all that needs to be done and maximise time spent on what gives you true joy. You will notice the wrinkles and the frown disappear and an ease will set in that will guide you.
  3. Have a huge bucket list – things you want to do in life, places you want to travel to, experiences you want to have, things you want to accomplish. Don’t settle. Believe that you can have it all (just not at the same time), for what is life for but to Live to the fullest and experience all the magic within. And your bucket list is a signal to the Universe that is designed to fulfil your desires. Look at your bucket list regularly and surrender it unto the Universe. It will take over and make sure that you get to tick it all giving you enough time to do so.
  4. Sleep – it is the most under-appreciated of our bodily tasks. It is when our Body beautiful recovers, repairs, filters toxins, heals internal inflammation and provides us with much needed energy for the next day. Sleep long, sleep sound and sleep according the circadian rhythms. Most importantly, sleep in complete darkness. Besides a host of health benefits, you will notice years shave off.
  5. Social life – have a vibrant and quality social life. Make time for friends and family. Constantly make new friends. Find people with common interests and hobbies and engage in them. We are all woven into a social fabric and research is conclusive that healthy social lives lead to longevity and optimum health.

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